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M-357, Armas Mortales M-357, Magnum, Quinto Elemento.
231 Lbs.
Desnucadoras(any variation)
National AAA Tag Team Titles, AAA National Atomicos Titles, AAA Mixed Tag Team Titles


"The Red Light Assasin" as he is known is one of the top AAA Rudos in the company today. Chessman first started out in the AAA as the leader of a trio called "The Black Family" consisting of Ozz, Cuervo, Escoria, and himself. With "The Black Family" Chessman would achieve huge trios success as he and the Family would battle such AAA Trios as "Los Vatos Locos" and at one point, "Los Diabolicos". "The Black Family" was or is a member of the LLL "Promotion". Chessman's first taste of Gold came when he and "The Black Family" captured the AAA National Atomicos Titles when they defeated Los Vatos Locos in 2001. This Rudo Quartette would go on to become one of the best Atomicos Champions in AAA history. In 2002, Chessman and Elecktroshock would go on to capture the AAA Tag Team Titles when they defeated popular Tecnicos, La Parka(AAA) and Mascara Sagrada. During their reign as Tag Team Champions, Chessman and Elecktroshock had "high profiled" feuds with teams such as: La Parka(AAA)/Mascara Sagrada, Los Barrio Boys, and most notably with El Torero and Oscar Sevilla. After his reign as co-holder of the AAA Tag Team Titles, Chessman would "team up" with fellow LLL member, Tiffany to seek the AAA Mixed Tag Team Titles. Their most notable feud as a Team was with Elecktroshock and Lady Apache. These two pairs would go on to battle one another in different "gimmick" matches such as: Mixed Tag Team Matches, "Relevos Suicidas"(mixed partner tag team match) and on afew 4 way Mixed Tag Team Matches. Their feud with Lady Apache and Elecktroshock ended when they defeated Elecktroshock and Lady Apache in a Mixed Tag Team Hair Match where the losing team would lose their hair. But as Chessman was teaming with Tiffany, he had "unfinished business" with Oscar Sevilla and Los Barrio Boys. In the end, Chessman and "The Black Family" won "the battle" as they defeated Los Barrio Boys(Alan/Billy Boy) and Oscar Sevilla in a Cage Match where the last member would get their head shaved. Decnis, who got involved in the match ended up losing his hair. Chessman would once again Team with "The Black Family" as a Quartette to seek the AAA Atomicos Title, a Title which they won from Oscar Sevilla and all three members of Los Barrios Boys. This would be Chessman's most recent reign with "The Black Family". During a show in Guanajuato, Mexico, Cibernetico formed "The Secta Cibernetica" and Chessman, along with the family were quick to jump aboard to become part of this faction. Chessman now performs as a Singles Luchador but he does "pair-up" with any member of "The Black Family" who are also part of the Secta Cibernetica and any other member of The Secta Cibernetica every once in awhile.


  • Founder and "Leader" of "The Black Family".
  • AAA Atomicos Tag Team Titles Champion with "The Black Family.
  • AAA Tag Team Title holder with Elecktroshock.
  • AAA Mixed Tag Team Title holder with Tiffany.
  • Defeating "Los Vatos Locos" for the Atomicos Titles.
  • Defeating Oscar Sevilla and El Torero with Elecktroshock to win the AAA Tag Team Titles.
  • Defeating Elecktroshock and Lady Apache for the AAA Mixed Tag Team Titles.
  • Defeating Elecktroshock and Lady Apache in a Mixed Tag Team Hair match.
  • Defeating Oscar Sevilla and Los Barrio Boys with "The Black Family" in a Cage Match.

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  • Chessman/Black Family 1st - "Wine of Aluqah" by THERION.